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The Fireplace

The fireplace is often the heart of a traditional home. It can add elegance, history and charm to a living area.The fireside is a place where family will gather in the winter to share special events and the glowing hearth gives warmth and an ambient light to the room.

As well as a decorative hearth with tiles, rough iron basket and grate, the actual mantle piece is a stylish element in itself and one which can be enhanced with a mirror or a painting above it. The shelf space can be occupied by antique ornaments that can be co ordinated with the colour scheme and the furnishing in the room.

India Jane have replica china items that suit this space such as little dogs and porcelain figurines.

Coloured glass vases with fresh flowers are a nice touch in the spring and summer when the fire is not lit.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home there is also the possibility of installing a wood burning stove in the space, provided you can use the chimney. This option is easier to manage than an open fire as once the stove is alight it doesn’t require too much to keep it going.

If the fireplace has been removed in the past it is fairly easy to put one in. There are several reclamation sites that specialise in old manatees and surrounds and you can find the tiles to add to them to give your house that authentic touch.

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