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Louise Swarbrick Design

Introducing Floral

In spring and summer we like to move to put floral prints in our homes. Depending on the type of print, a floral pattern can add a homely and inviting atmosphere or with a dark modern print you can add drama and moodiness to the space.

A small ditzy pattern is associated with the vintage look. The nostalgic look can offset a very modern room to bring colour and texture to a glass and steel structure – especially as the colour of the floral fabric will provide nuance to the scheme.

The print works well in most mediums – fabric and wallpaper.

A subtle take on a floral traditional pattern can be seen in wallpapers that use a gentle imprint of a floral motif to bring the garden into a room. For example, Longwood by Thiabaut gives the room the trailing blooms and leaves of a traditional bower. Cole and Sons Design, Edgerton is based on the long flowers of the wisteria. This wallpaper manages to be both modern in feel and still reflect the vibe of the English country garden.

For something darker and more intense Borastapter’s Dawn Rose brings the atmosphere of heavy scented roses on a beautiful late summer’s night.

Whatever your colour scheme and in nearly all spaces, the floral print is both flexible and charming.

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