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Ginger Spice

Orange has always been a bit of a difficult colour to add into home design. This was mainly because the choices of fabrics and decorative items tended to be too bald and flat.

With the revival of a sixties vibe, paint manufacturers and fabric houses have created a vast number of new variations on the ginger theme. This has been influenced both by the step back intimate movement to mid century and an interest in the use of vibrant colours in tribal and ethnic designs.

Taking the colour orange as a starting point, we find other shades that can be used in the home to add the warmth of the orange but without the scream of colour.

In fabrics this tone is best in a silk or Palin velvet since any pattern tends to overpower and just be too much.

For subtler use of orange on the walls, look at apricot, peach, salmon, pumpkin and butterscotch which can be styled with a caramel leather and a soft brown faux fur throw. Neutrals are a must to off set this strong flavour but use creams and off whites as you need to remain in the same tonal palette.

Dulux have jungle ginger or Morroccan sands that can be teamed with copper accessories and dark wood floors.

One note of caution, avoid Charlotte’s Locks by Farrow and Ball. You can have too much of a good thing!

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