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Sweet Dreams

How much time do you spend asleep? Quite a lot. It is estimated that in our life time we will spend an average of 26 years in bed – about 75,000 hours – so it’s important that the bed you choose is comfortable and lasts.

As the bed tends to be the focal point in the bedroom, particularly the master bedroom, it’s important to get the style right. That being said, it should not dominate and be the only thing you notice in the room with other pieces of furniture dwarfed. A dramatic headboard is one way of introducing some character and individual style to the bed, as the look of the basic shape and and size of the bed tends to be generic. By choosing a fabric that reflects the colours in the room or blends in with the curtains, you can choose a wide variety of options. A plain velvet button backed headboard is a classic, or you might want to use a gentle pattern and match it with the coverlet or throw at the end of the bed as well as some cushions. To go for a more country look, choose a linen in pastel tones to give a restful feel.

There are bolder headboards – ones made of wood or an urban metal look. A current look is the rattan headboard which often comes as a half moon shape and is an organic, peaceful addition to the bedroom.

An oversized headboard that rises above you is reminiscent of the hotel look. Sometimes these are useful and lighting can be installed for reading. Oka have a stylish large headboard – King Palmette – handmade from mango wood, it is tall and painted in a subtle grey/green finish, guaranteed to be an eye catching piece in the room. For upholstered headboards you can get bespoke made to the size and height you want or Loaf and John Lewis have a good selection.

The bedroom should always be a haven and a space where rest and calm are paramount. Use the bed as a central part of your design. Make it both unique and let it lead the look you are aiming for in the room. The headboard is the easiest way to bring new elements into the room so start dreaming of a new look.