Bathroom Interior Design
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Bathroom Interior Design

In 1883 a man called John Michael Kohler invented the world’s first bathtub. Apparently he took a cast iron horse trough, added four decorative feet to it and covered it in an enamel finish. This invention was really the preserve of the very wealthy and most of the population had no room for washing but washed (if ever they did) outside or later in tubs in front of the fire, water having been boiled on the stove to fill it up. With the marvel of running water, better sanitation and larger houses, bathrooms began to have a greater significance in homes both for practical, aesthetic and snob value. Leaping forward to to to today, the bathrooms plural are a major element in any refurbishment and need to be top, top end for selling purposes.

Taking the bath as the first point of the design of a bathroom, there are many choices on offer. The Water Monopoly has a lovely selection of retro bath styles that are both practical and spectacular. All of their beautiful baths are faithful reproductions of French chic, the Paris Collection or the thirties deco era in the Rockwell collection. They also restore antique pieces to a very high standard. All of their baths will grace a central point in the bathrooms whether you choose the bateau lit or the antique copper high sided tub.

Another company also provides the most dramatic of bath styles and that is Drummonds. A free standing bath from here will make your bathroom look fabulous. If you want a truly antique bath look at Chadder and Co as they refurbish old baths. However, these are almost always cast iron and heavy. You will need to check that your floor joists will take the weight whatever you choose since the bath and the weight of water will take some bearing on the floor and the ceiling below.

There are some schools of thought which feel a shower is all you might need in a bathroom. I do not agree. Try to find a space for a wonderful bath. It will enhance the room and be a source of pleasure for years to come.