black and white interior
Louise Swarbrick Design

Negatives: Black and White

How stylish and chic are photographs in black and white. Some of the best images in the Getty collection are of glamorous film stars taken in this medium. The 1930s as a decade embraced the two tones in many of their designs especially in the Art Deco look. Whilst not to everyone’s taste, these schemes can be as interesting and varied as colourful palettes adding richness and warmth through using different textures and fine detailing and the clever use of print.

This look is not easy to pull off as it can be both bold and boring if that is not a paradox. One of the best rooms to test the use of this look is probably in a bathroom. Generally speaking the sanitary ware will be white, so a good starting point for the design. The flooring then can be a pattern of black and white used often in the traditional Victorian diamond patterned tiles terrazzo floor. A round mirror with a slim black frame will sit well against the chrome of the taps and fittings.