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The entrance hallway in a house can be an indicator of how the style of the house flows through the whole space. It’s worthwhile paying attention to the staircase as it is often the first thing people notice after they have come in through the front door into your hallway. The staircase leads towards the first floor and usually the more private area of the home but it should still be inviting and link with both the upstairs and downstairs to bring the two floor together.

Often the hallway is fairly neutral since it is a large and varied area that needs to work, taking you into many rooms and heights. This means that there is ample scope for you to be a little more ambitious in carpeting the stairs to bring texture and colour.

Roger Oates have for a long time been the market leaders in providing beautiful flat weave runners. The variety of designs generously allow you to decorate with style and stunning colour combinations. From the cool New England blue and whites to the dense exotic plums or the urban greys and blacks, there is something for every taste. An equally striped carpet runner you can find with The Crucial Trading company where the design Audery is a bold and popular statement .

staircase runners

You may of course wish to choose a more muted look and a lot of carpet companies will give a wide range of choice of more mellow patterns, not in a flat weave but in a heavier carpet finish. Axminster carpets have a good selection of these plainer designs. Alternatively, using a more hard wearing sisal runner with a linen edging in a contrasting colour can be a very effective choice. The Alternative Flooring Company have a a variety of sisal to look at in various weaves including a herringbone.

stair runners

These carpets will liven up the stairs. Set against the edge of the threads painted white or stained brown for contrast, they are smart, chic and practical.