bigger splash
Louise Swarbrick Design

Miami Splash

Let the glamour, heat and bright lights fill your home with Miami sun. Channelling the image of Bigger Splash by David Hockney, look at the brilliance of colour in this painting to inspire your take on heat and space, moving across America from California where this painting is set to the tropical richness of Miami. A paired down palette with pops of brilliance teamed with Floridian lushness is the trade mark of this sunniest of looks.

Taking a white as a staring point, fill the room and inject colour through exciting pieces of furniture and fabrics. A long sleek cream sofa can lounge in the space adorned with pastel shades of cool patterns. Choose pinks and aquas as your accent points in the cushions and lamp fittings. Using the neutral tones of cream, white and pale grey, build up a strong design base to carry the weight of the vibrant palette of the sun.

cream sofa

Bring nature indoors with wonderful plants, palms and ferns dotted around the space. This modern look is not bare and minimal but vibrant and sleek.,The addition of deep thick pile rugs onto a wooden floor gives the room the glamour associated with this genre.


To do this in dank Britain is a challenge but can be achieved by getting the tones right and allowing as much light into the space as possible. The end of a kitchen diner which leads onto a patio or garden would be perfect for this treatment. Billowing voile curtains in a light material will bring the essence of a beach breeze. The use of the pastel palette will remind you of the sky and sea in Miami. The fittings in rattan and wicker also will add the sense of warmth and sun. Drinking your cocktail in the lounge, you will feel uplifted and very sophisticated revelling in this style.