Louise Swarbrick Design


Marbling is an interesting way of decorating items from cakes to wallpaper. It’s an unusual design created in many different colours and to be found in a variety of accessories. Timorous Beasties based in Glasgow uses marbling to great effect both in its fabrics and a wide range of wallpaper. Reminiscent of bookbinding this clever design would fit well in a study lined with books.


Pooky Lighting has a gentler take on the marble theme. A light touch gives a traditional method a modern feel. This atop of any light fitting will breathe new life into an old space.

marble table

Of course the traditional use of marble will give you the true marble effect but you can go off piste and chose one that has a contrasting marble top.

marble teapot

Lastly a cute little tea pot can sit on a shelf to add that touch of marbled glory.
In a swirl this pattern is an enduring delight.