Louise Swarbrick Design


A mirror was a very expensive purchase in days gone by. That’s why it’s supposed to be bad luck to break a mirror, since it would take about seven years to save up enough money to buy another.
Mirrors are an invaluable way to add glamour light and a decorative touch to any living space

The frame of the glass is all important and there are a huge range to choose from. A silver filagree edging as intensifies the glittering magical sense of space. This in a circular design gives a feeling of eternity.

In contrast a framed mirror embellished with a design brings the room some depth of colour and variety of pattern.


A more modern look can be achieved with a simpler outline perhaps with an oval or looped shape.
Many different shapes and materials are available to you to choose from. The fairest of them all will be ready to hang and adorn any room in your home.

oval mirror