Louise Swarbrick Design


My image of chandeliers was more Beauty and the Beast by Disney and I felt them to be overwhelming and dated.

Suddenly a range of much more sculptural overhead lighting has been created and the chandelier become funky and artistic.

A good example of this modern industrial hanging pendant / chandelier is from Buster and Punch. It’s a mixture of bulb and shaded lights that would add some modernity to a Victorian hallway.

In a similar vein the glass globes of Fritz Henson will again be a far cry from the old school crystal drops . This bulb based chandelier gives discreet colour to a room without being overbearing.

Fritz Henson

Graham and Green go for a bit more glamour in their Deco Beatrice chandelier. Available in two sizes this will give a more modern room sophistication and ritz.

Deco Beatrice chandelier

For something bright and statement look no further than Rockett St George starburst style spiky chandelier. This will be a taking point for all your visitors as well as lighting up your life.