Louise Swarbrick Design

Kitchen Company

A kitchen is in many ways the most important area in a house. Particularly now when we spend time socialising, eating and spending time as a family both inside and out. An ideal kitchen is only ever that for the person who uses it. The planning of this space needs lots of thought and by using a bespoke service you will get both the look you want and the practical usage you need.

David Hall Kitchens work mainly in the East of England and they produce a wide range of options for their clients from sleek modern to traditional wooden.

A more well known company that has a bespoke tradition is Plain English. They can do the shaker style we are all so familiar with but they also do a more contemporary range that looks great in a country house setting as well as a London apartment.

english kitchen

A smaller company who are up and coming are Naked Kitchens. They produce an excellent standard of workmanship as well as an interesting approach to design with gives them a more individual edge.

naked kitchen

All three of these companies do fabulous work. You just need an equally fabulous designer to pull these ideas together !!!