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Paisley is a classic Bohemian print. Used in shawls, its distinctive tear drop shape originated from Persia and was adopted by the Hippie era, the Beatles in shirts, ties and scarves as well as the fashion houses of today such as Etro and Gucci.

Starting life in the silk routes and by way of the Scottish town of Paisley, the symbol of eastern promise and flamboyant colours has seen it revived frequently in different eras.

In wallpaper Cole and Son’s Malabar will give you the lovely swirling pattern associated with the Indian paisley print but in a more muted colour palette that will sit easily on any home design and in most rooms.

They also have a more graphic interpretation in the Rajapur range that uses more distinctive lines to create the image.

In fabrics, Liberty have traditionally used paisley extensively throughout their history. Their association with the bohemian set meant they brought their design skills to the Indian paisley to create their own patterns.

Ralph Lauren too has used paisley extensively in his collections. The Ashbourne paisley by him is an intense design that brings the depth and textural elements together to produce a luxurious and timeless fabric.

The variety and flamboyance of this pattern has out lasted many other images. From Queen Victoria to Jimi Hendrix there is a paisley for all occasions.

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