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Gold Lighting

The most dramatic and rich colour in the metallic spectrum is gold. It has been valued for its glitter and durability throughout the ages.

This is an element which works best as an accessory or a contrasting feature within a decorative plan.

When used in lighting design, it gives a textural contrast to the fabric of the shades and allows interesting shapes to be created, ranging from floral motifs to abstract sculptural shapes.

As a light fitting, gold can add reflection and warmth to a room. The lamp base in this tone will look dramatic using a red or black shade to offset any vulgarity. The material can be intricately fashioned to produce unique patterns and engravings. Gold light fittings add variety and class to any room.

Some companies have used gold very imaginatively; Seletti have produced a quirky light with a gold mouse holding a bulb. This is both intriguing and practical.

John Lewis also have used gold in their stylish Montserrat lights. These will brighten up your house both literally and decoratively with their palm leaf shape.

Tom Dixon also uses gold in their melt range to shine a radiance and glamour in any room.

Vaughan lighting and Porta Romana both have used gold to create beautiful lights.

The Beatrice and Asante wall lights by Porta Romana are good examples of the richness of this metal used in an imaginative and sumptuous way.

In these fittings gold never fails to shine bright and true.

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