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Lace is a romantic and glamorous fabric usually associated with clothing design. However the intricate nature of the woven floral pattern has been used to great effect in interior design both in wallpaper and curtain making.

Mathew Williamson’s Orangery wallpaper from the Belvoir collection combines the tracery of the lace with a contemporary sensibility. He uses the lace design to add drama and style to any wall in your home decor. It comes in four colours, all of which add a difference sense of glamour.The floral elements are cleverly worked against the net effect of the backing normally seen on the lace itself.

For a modern take on wallpaper you can always count on Mr Perswall. They have a wallpaper mural which shows billowing lace curtains. It sound odd but can be very effective.

This romantic look has also been taken up by Timorous Beasties in their fabric designs but given a very modern twist. They have used images not usually associated with the dainty lace motif. The mosquito design is just such an example. They do produce the more traditional look in many colours if your taste is less adventurous.

For the beautiful classic lace, look no further than James Hare. Established in 1865 they produce the ethereal Chantilly and Leavers lace.

There is a lace for every interior project whether old or new.

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