nursery decor
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Nursery Days

A new baby coming is an exciting time. It’s worth thinking early about how you will provide a calm and happy sleeping space for your baby once they are old enough to sleep alone.

We are no longer restricted to pink or blue for each or either gender. Any colour is there to choose from but bear in mind loud shouty colours are not conducive to a peaceful experience.

I would favour muted tones – blush, lemon, grey and cream. These shades can be sharpened up by using stronger accents – navy, charcoal or white.

The furniture you select will be obvious. A cot, storage, changing facilities, a chair to sit with your baby, and lighting.

You can go neutral with warm wood or plain white or cream so the impact in the room will come from the accessories and fabrics. Funky Little Darlings is a great source of baby ware and has a wide selection of items to furnish your room.

As for wallpaper, look at Sandberg, a Scandinavian company that has charming wallpapers for any little child.

An animal theme is often used for children and that is a look that can be overwhelming, so be subtle.

A decorative shelf with a wooden Noah’s Ark or soft animals is probably enough for a young infant. This can be set against a mint green and cream colour scheme. A rug with a jungle print could be a dramatic statement in such a room or a mobile with lions or tigers.

Think about a fun, charming scheme that will be stimulating but also soothing and reassuring to lull your baby into a happy dreamy sleep.