wood floor
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Glorious Wood

A wooden floor is a delight. It adds texture and variety to a room. The different tones of this most natural product are many and various. You will find a type and colour that will compliment your home without a doubt.

Many companies now offer reclaimed wood as an option. The patina of age and time lends a softer look to the floor which resonates with the past and lends a sense of permanence to a room design.

Parquet, which was the flooring of choice in the thirties, has had a major revival. No more Terry and June suburban jokes but now the beloved of Hipsters and urban trendies. The chevron pattern is pleasing and will bring style and interest, especially when teamed with today’s trend of dark shades rather than the ginger tones of the past.

With under floor heating you will need to look for engineered wood flooring to allow the heat to be transferred without warping the wood. There are plenty of good attractive options in this range and many good flooring companies sell it.

The key thing is to choose an excellent floor layer to put the wood down. The floor has to be prepared properly or else all you dreams will end in floor boards lifting and looking sad. This rarely happens but as with other trades it is best to have a recommendation of someone good and not be tempted to take a one man band with no track record.