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Rugs are an easy way to bring design and texture into your room. The trend to use wooden floors has meant that rugs have become a necessary item to add to your scheme to give that sense or warmth and colour into an otherwise bland setting, perfect to make a focal point and enhance any furniture you place around it.

Rugs are very flexible in that they can be used either as a statement piece or just a simpler complementary element within the room.

You might place a dramatic styled rug in between matching sofas and place a coffee table on top to provide a conversation space within the living room, drawing your guests together. You can also use a rug to define certain areas within a space. Using two different rugs at different points in the room can divide a talking space from a television watching area. Using two different rugs but complementary in colour can add to the design and anchor the room creating a unified feel.

Louis De Poortere has a fine collection of affordable rugs in various sizes. They are available at John Lewis but the website has a really good selection of various types.

Designer’s Guild also has a good selection of more modern designs as does the Rug Company featuring the designs of Neisha Crosland in particular.

If your taste is more antique and traditional in feel, look at the Rug and Carpet Company for a good selection for most tastes.

Whatever style you choose your room will feel complete with a sumptuous rug.

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