Louise Swarbrick Design

Flights of Fancy

Animal images have long been popular for decorative inspiration.

Most notably fabric and wallpaper have taken the image of the bird in many variations to produce lovely colourful options for your room.

Whether is a gentle dove or a dramatic peacock there will be something to suit your taste.

The whimsical Chimney Swallows by Designers Guild is fabric with a strong image of the bird in flight . In the blue colourway is a gorgeous addition to a bedroom for curtains.

Birds aren’t always such a dominant feature in a fabric. The subtler usage of storks is used in the gentle Moss Bayou by Raoul textiles. This watery cotton linen has a faded feel reminiscent of French window dressings. A perfect choice for a sophisticated living area.


A bolder take can be illustrated in the indigo colour-way of Pheasant by Christopher Moore. This is very clipped with the static bird resplendent in clear foliage. Good in a kitchen this fabric is traditional but timeless.


Almost any room can be adorned by these avarian creatures. Once you look you will discover your inner bird watcher .