beds interior
Louise Swarbrick Design


The most obvious item of furniture for the bedroom is the bed. It is important as we spend a third of our lives in bed asleep. The bed has to be comfortable for you but it will be the key piece to set the scene for the design of your bedroom as well.

Usually the bed is the first thing you see in a room. Choosing which style to go for is an important decision.

four post bed

In the past, the four poster bed was necessary to surround yourself with drapes to keep out the cold and allow a little privacy from the servants. There are a number of very glamorous modern four poster beds that make a statement and are light and airy. One such is the wooden four poster by West Elm. This is a nod to the sixties and can be complimented by other mid twentieth century bedroom furniture in their range. The Beaumont white four poster bed by the White Company is more of a fairy tale wrought iron affair suitable for a more romantic styling. It is also available in black which has a gothic feel.

sleigh bed

A sleigh bed is a popular choice. A wooden bow shape at both ends makes the room immediately traditional and warm. I prefer the look with the lower end at the bottom which gives you the chance to put an ottoman or a small sofa at the bottom of the bed.

french bed

This French look is also sold with upholstered headboards. Usually in light wood and with linen upholstery, these beds are charming and natural. The headboard can also be in a white rattan which is reminiscent of the warmth of southern climes.

Think about what look you want the bedroom style to be: light and billowing, cosy and warm, comfortable and modern – you should choose the bed which will set the tone.