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Wicker don’t snicker

The love affair with wicker furniture is generally thought to date from the Victorian era when conservatories came into fashion and the relationship with Indian colonial life influenced the interior design of the day.

Subsequently it has faded in and out of consciousness. It had an iconic moment in the film Emmauel when the popularity of the peacock chair become assured and since then it had been largely used in sunrooms and gardens.

Recently there has been a revival of rattan and wicker. This particular method of constructing furniture has had a new lease of life and along with the fernery/green theme in interior design means that there are plenty of options to choose from to bring this open weave into your home.

Soane in particular have brought out some beautiful pieces made of rattan. Their shell chair is both elegant and a statement in any room. They also have some pretty lampshades in red which will add both colour and texture to any design.

Rocket St George have created some interesting dining chairs that are basket woven. Coming in black and blonde, these chairs can sit easily within an under modern apartment or a Victorian kitchen diner.

For just a dash of this trend you could go to OKA and get a Mandalay side table or one of their lamp bases.

It’s a trend that is quite manageable and which can add interest to set against the softer fabrics and carpets you might have in a living room or bedroom.

There are so many ways to factor this material into your home design that it should not be ignored.

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