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Green has never been a colour that has gone out of fashion. But in the last two years it has become a favourite amongst both the trend setters and the traditionalists.

We are particularly taken with the range of dark green tones available both as paint and wallpaper as well as deep green velvets in upholstery and accessories.

Farrow and Ball have come to the Green Party by producing a new green called Bancha. This colour is a yellow toned green and works well as both a wall colour and on paintwork. We have used it in a vicarage kitchen where the units are wooden and the space is generally a cottage feel. This green adds depth and intensity to what was a cold room.

Mylands’ Brompton Road is a much more modern take on green. It is a flatter more racing green feel. This works well with a lot of styling using golds and neutrals to bring the colour to life. It works best by contrast rather than standing alone.

Another way of introducing green would be through wallpaper. There are many to choose from. The contemporary stylings of The House of Hackney and Mind the Gap will give you the feel of the greenhouse or of being immersed in fernery. One we particularly like is the trees of Cole and Sons paper called Forest.

Finally if this is all too much greenery, just introduce a touch of the world of leaves and trees in the covering of an occasional chair or a dark green velvet curtain.

This is a flexible look and can be adapted to many interiors. Green can be seen in the kitchen, bathroom or living room try it and see how you can bring a fresh spring new look to your home.

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