vevet sofa
Louise Swarbrick Design

Velvet the queen of fabrics

This sumptuous fabric has been a long term favourite in traditional homes. Its lustre and glamour can transform the humblest piece of furniture into a eye-catching piece.

It can be used in both a modern and historic setting as it comes in such a range of textures and colours. It is difficult to go wrong in choosing it for your home.

The trick is to use the colours wisely.

if you are going to go with the current contemporary trend, then look at the dark tones: a navy or dark grey will add sophistication and smooth lines to an interior design. Additionally you could go with a dark green against a foliage based wallpaper to give a tropical look which is very popular.

In a more traditional home the pinks and reds are often seen in large living areas and cosy living rooms. These rich colours sit well against wooden panelling or elaborate fireplaces. Their warmth offsets the emptiness of a larger space – especially in the winter.

Velvet comes in various depths. A mohair velvet is well known for its longevity and robust nature. Virtually nothing destroys this fabric – not even dogs! If you want a smoother look, then the cotton velvets will do you good service. Designers Guild Varase velvet is particularly varied and gives an amazing array of colour options.

Fit for a queen – treatt yourself to a bit of this regal experience.