mustard interior
Louise Swarbrick Design


The sharp, stingy taste of mustard on a ham sandwich brings the blandness of the humble offering alive adding a lively piquancy.

In the same way a dash of mustard in a design scheme can draw the eye, thus perking up the less intrusive tones around it.

It was in fact a favourite colour in the sixties often teamed with a turquoise blue or stronger teal. You might see a mustard telephone perched on a midcentury telephone desk in the hallway of a house of this period. Used like this, it is a delight to work with, bringing that zing contrasting against the brown wood and black legs of the furniture so typical of this look.

As in the case above, this rich colour works well with earth tones – the tans, chocolates and caramels. Thus a mustard based rug will sit well against a natural wooden floor emphasising warmth and heat in the space. A chocolate leather sofa is brought to life with the deep yellow in a throw with perhaps a few Ikat patterned cushions to match.

If you want to add to the mood, use the teal option as paint on a wall and put a velvet sofa against this. and Loaf have both a good quality velvet option in their sofa ranges that will keep you on trend without breaking the bank.

The charm of mustard lies in just getting the right amount into the room. As with the condiment, it is best in small doses – a light touch rather than a mouthful ……