circle line
Louise Swarbrick Design

The Circle Line

Circles as a pattern are a very satisfying design that add unity and fun to home decor. In a room which is very box like in dimensions, the introduction of round shapes in the furniture can make a room feel quite different. The lack of edges gives a more organic and complete ambience to combine with the rectangular and oblongs.

Bring this sense of infinity and continuous energy to a room using circular coffee tables and side tables. OKA has a good selection of these shapes as do West Elm. Porada also do a round side table.

An interesting half moon sofa that curves its way into a living room which is especially warming and cosy is the Ipanema sofa by Lignet Roset.

With more linear sofas bring this shape in with round cushions and pouffes scattered around the room.

In fabrics, the spot is a favourite motif for many fabric designs.

A fabulous circular fabric in Dedar’s Mezzaluna which looks amazing in all colurways It look fabulous on mid century chairs. The rounded arms os the seats are perfectly complimented by the curved upholstery Another spectacular fabric for curtains is Manuel Canovas’ Castillon. These designs curtains in your room will bring vibrancy and dynamism to the straight lines of the windows and walls they are set against.