Louise Swarbrick Design


Panelling is a traditional way of decorating walls. It’s a great feature to add in both modern and period houses. By adding panelling you can bring back the history of a room and then funk it up by using a more contemporary colour as a finishing touch.

Intricate dark oak panels in a listed house can be imposing but with a little finesse and by painting ceilings and other elements in a lighter tone, you can preserve the unique craftsmanship of the wood whilst melding into a contemporary style.

Adding panels half way up a room then painting it a dramatic dark blue is a great way of bringing both drama and interest to a dull wall space.

It’s good in its natural state but equally painting panelling is an old tradition and allows you to add a modern touch . See it in its full glory against cutting edge furniture and bright fabrics as well as bringing texture and history to a home that has a more bland start.

Another advantage of panelling is to bring form into a blank space or even up a very irregular surface. The wooden panels can effectively cover up unevenness in a difficult property.

You can also use Lincrusta to create this look. This is much cheaper and is only adhered to the wall and therefore can be removed if your taste changes.

It’s an old look that can be adapted to suit many properties adding style and substance to bland, blank walls.