Louise Swarbrick Design

African Sun

On a grey November day it is heartening to look at fabrics and furniture that reflect the heat of the Savannah or the red dust of the desert on the African continent.

The obvious colours to fit these reflections on a hot clime are the yellows of the sun, the orchres of Turkish pottery baking in the warmth and the Aegean blue of a gorgeous sea.

These bright tones can be introduced into your home in the fabrics and accessories you choose to brighten and light the cold winter months.

Cole and Sons have taken these brown hues and produced a whimsical wallpaper with African animal themes designs. From the tribal Khulu vase collection, this contemporary design will add a touch of interest and vibrancy to any interior. This spirit of Africa is also seen in the wallpaper Safari Dance which features elephants dancing across the African plains. The colours are browns and deep pinks with touches of mustard and certainly bring a sense of cheer and warmth to the room.

Lively accessories can bring the far reaches of a hot continent into a room through the rugs and cushions chosen. The bright colours of a spice market are evoked in the rug collections of Feizy. The oranges and reds are woven together to create a myriad of exciting designs. Morrocan tribal rugs will also exploit these rustic and exciting tones.

Lastly, the choice of bright fabrics on a brown or grey sofa can make a striking contrast. Moroccan wall tiles on wallpaper designs will bring the sense of the souk to your home. Look at Louise Body or Mind the Gap for these interesting wallpapers. Leap into the sunny climes of the interior design world and find heat even on a foggy day in London by evoking the spirit of Africa.