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Bathroom Interior Design

Who does not enjoy a beautiful calm bathroom. It can be bliss to sink into a warm bath with fragrant bath oils to relax and forget about the world. However before you can enjoy your scented haven you have to choose a fantastic bath to sink into.
The traditional Victorian Roll topped bath had come a long way since the days of Downtown Abbey. No longer do servants stagger up the stairs with buckets of hot water. The look however is still very appealing and there is a good selection of these baths ranging in costs from thousands of pounds to a few hundred.
The cast iron bath of old has mainly been superseded by good quality acrylic models. The disadvantages of cast iron are the sheer weight of the bath plus water which makes the fitting on top of floor joints problematic. You would need to check with a structural engineer that the floor will support the weight. High quality Iso enamel baths are a good choice since they are light weight and retain the heat.
The slipper bath is a common style. This is higher at one end with a sweep upwards. The bateau is one which has both ends at the same height .if you want to use a shower over the bath you need to choose one which has a square end to put up against a corner above which the shower will go.
If space is an issue you can still have a roll top bath as some companies make smaller versions.  A very cute look is the Tubby by Albion Baths. This is a chunky hip bath, where the bather sits upright. Rather like Marlene Dietrich in Destry Rides Again an old cowboy film. Although the shapes are old fashioned, the finishing is anything but old fashioned. The bath can be sprayed almost any colour. Dramatic shades such as vermillion or deep purple look fantastic against the white inside enamel, particularly when contrasted with chrome fittings.
In recent times copper and silver baths have become popular. These burnished finishes look luxurious and magical. Truly a bath for an Egyptian queen. Take the plunge be bold, go for the roll top with a twist of lemon.

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