New England style
Louise Swarbrick Design

New England Style

With the words “New England”, a host of images comes to mind. A simplicity of design and a wealth of home craftsmanship brings to this look a clean and charming style.

Very often it is associated with a coastal theme with the blue and white palette of the ocean a backdrop to interior design. In our rather darker and damper climate this look is harder to achieve and needs also to reference the older style houses of the Puritan settlers who used wood and woven upholstery to bring warmth and decorative craftsmanship to their houses.

The combination of navy and cream is a sophisticated starting point to decorate a living space. To bring some texture to the room, a cherry wood or oak floor can balance this stark palette. A carefully placed wing backed Colonial style chair covered in a blue and white fabric with a strong motif with a checked throw of softest wool again balances the blue and white theme. This works in a contemporary space as the addition of large areas and glass doors as often seen in a modern setting will enhance the brightness of this look. Rugs and candlesticks with a few paintings will complete the style and bring more varied colour and depth to the room.


The sea which brought the settlers to the shore and their ability to build, sew and create are threads of this style. By weaving them together we can bring New England to Old England in a modern way.