Louise Swarbrick Design

Cabin Fever

With the Scandinavian trend for Hygge the idea of bringing a romantic Swiss cabin feel to a bedroom has become attractive, particularly during the long cold Winter months of lockdown.

Many elements of home decor will bring this sense of warmth and well being to a room. The most obvious thing we associate with a log cabin is wood. A stunning wooden floor covered in faux animal skin rugs or having wood panelling on the walls will make the space feel cosy and protected from the cold outside. Low level lighting needs to be considered . A warm glow for bedside lights with a gentle pendant above is enough. The fabrics of the lampshade should speak of natural fibres, linens and cotton. Plain colours in creams, browns or pale lemon. Look for a hanging pendant in wood as in a Tom Radfield light or in a gentle woven material such as rattan.

Crisp white linen should be topped with a dark navy or brown thick blanket with simple matching cushions. Then on top of that a faux thick throw at the end of the bed should lend itself to this snuggly environment.

Distressed wooden furniture as bedside cupboards will lend a touch of authenticity to the rustic look. Maisons du Monde have a number of suitable bedside tables and other pieces to complement this style.

Lastly an old small sofa in a cotton tickling fabric or a chair in a faded mustard velvet will finish you scheme off. Then you are ready to hibernate January and February waiting for the arrival of Spring in March.