Using Mirrors in Home Design

>>>Using Mirrors in Home Design

Using Mirrors in Home Design

Louis XIV knew the value of a good mirror and used it to great dramatic effect at Versailles.
Indigo Design, interior design firm in Cambridge has not yet been appointed by the French aristocracy but we do like to use mirrors in our plans.

They are useful items of furniture. However being creative people we like to think we can use the mirror in a more imaginative way. The team has used mirror tiles as a splash back in a kitchen. The effect of this divides opinion. The client was thrilled with the shimmering light that it produces. It is a quirky contrast with the Aga which they sit behind. The chrome on the Aga looks well against these mirror tiles.

The secret of its design success is the frame that we put around them. The kitchen also has a large ornate antique mirror .The kitchen looks gorgeous rather than just functional.

We used a lovely Venetian mirror in a bathroom. This concept was one of water. We had installed lovely glittering pearly mosaic tiles. Instead of just a boring mirror our instincts lead us to glass on glass oval pretty piece. It reflects the sea green walls and the light all around. Truly a mermaid bathes here.

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