Turkish theme to Design your Bathroom

>>>Turkish theme to Design your Bathroom

Turkish theme to Design your Bathroom

The Turkish bath is one of the oldest forms of relaxation. How appropriate then to use a Turkish theme to decorate your bathroom / Hamam.
These beautiful Hamams are often resplendent with glittering tiles and fabulous marble. The combination of ancient stone and the water tones of the bath are a good starting point for bathroom design.

A good neutral hue to create atmosphere would be to take the colour of a limed Travertine tile and use this to cover the floor and some of the walls. To add variety; tile the floor in a diamond pattern and use large oblong tiles on the walls. Save a section above the bath for a mosaic insert which will compliment a mosaic finish in the shower. The mosaic tiles should be in white of cream to keep the scheme simple and easily maintained. In this sleek monochrome world of steam, lighting will be the key to add a sense of calm and serenity.

A second colour scheme would be to take the vibrancy of the bright Turkish sun and sea and to go with a blue and gold palette in a bathroom. The key thing here is to reference these elements of a Mediterranean experience and not to be heavy handed about it. The iridescent tones of a mosaic tile such as Black Pearl by Fired Earth will be dramatic and recall the tones of the ocean whilst being practical and in theme. A more aqua hue may be used to enhance the brilliant sea colours in the towels and accessories in the room. Similarly the yellow gold of a hot sun can be referenced in choosing a brass rimmed mirror and scones in the room. If you look for items that contain a trellis pattern typical of the area then you will not be far away from the sparkling sea and luminous light of the Turkish landscape even if you are only in gloomy old England.

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