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>>>Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design

Images of heavenly bodies have been used to adorn buildings throughout history. The Raphael little angels painting and the sculptures of cherubs are symbols we are very familiar with.
To use them in a room plan I think less is more here. The pictures you will find on fabric and curtains will be subtler and more abstract than formally.
As tastes have changed these celestial creatures are seen in a more unstructured form such as the gentle etched cherubs in the Sanderson range toilet paper. This wallpaper is available in several colours like yellow, white, grey, blue and cream. Put this in a bedroom and you will bring soft romance to your room. In keeping with the heavenly hosts find a white mirror that has little cherubs nestling on the overmantle. Use billowing white curtains reminiscent of clouds for your angelic figures to ruminate.
Another design is a richer deep red background with a cream cherub that would be suitable for the living room. Called la Chase, it is a graceful pattern and looks well in a traditional setting against wooden flooring and furniture. Deep red velvet curtains would be suitable here. Gold ornamentation on a mantle using cherubs would be the best contrast to the wallpaper.
A very modern take on this image can be seen in a fabric by Edinburgh weavers called Venus. Suitable for curtains it is a very modern relaxed take on the idea showing flying babies furnishing bouquets and larger pictorial drawings of faces.
Angels as decoration are from the old church tradition and they are carved either from stone or wood sometimes they are accompanying the birth of Christ other times just hanging around as in the Rosselyn chapel where one is playing the bagpipes! Later they were used in homes as mouldings for mirrors and mantles and decorative trim. When you are restoring an old house you might think of adding angels as a decorative touch on top of a plain mirror or mantlepiece.
The depiction of stars on wallpaper has been around for a long time. The Metropolis collection by Osborne and Little was the iconic paper of the eighties. This was teamed with a border of stars and crescent moons when the border was a ubiquitous feature of interior design along with the dreaded border. They have re invented this design in a more modern version and looking at the Wallpaper album 5 you will find smaller stars on paler colourways. Also their paper Pampille is a star with a cosmic feel. The eight pointed star has been hologramed a bit Red dwarf style. In the black and silver version it is particularly smart and modern useful for feature walls in a bedroom or an entrance hall.
Look up to the heavens and imagine the blue and white sky of the morning or the red and gold setting of the sun and be inspired.
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