Traditional Bathroom Designs

>>>Traditional Bathroom Designs

Traditional Bathroom Designs

A contemporary take on bathroom design is to reinvent the traditional sensual Japanese style bathroom.
The essence of this style is balance order and calm. All these elements are essential components of a special bathing experience, one you can create in your own home.

Natural materials like Wenge wood, stone and bamboo will make up the basic ingredients for the bathroom. Start by choosing a square wood bath or an elegant elliptical white stone bath. These natural gentle materials will begin to build a room of oriental peace. Screens made of wooden struts in a grid interspersed with obscured glass will give the sense of a shoji screen commonly seen in Japanese design. Keep the paint colours simple complementing the wood with a calm warm cream wall colour. The warm browns and mocha tones should be contrasted with some bamboo either as plants in the room or use it as flooring. If you wanted there are some sweet bamboo patterned wall coverings which are in keeping with this theme.

A square wooden sink and bath will look elegant and harmonious both with a wood or white stone bath.
A tatami mat on the floor of the shower will be appropriate as well as practical. A simple white mosaic tiling design will emphasize the symmetrical Eastern taste.

The gentle hush of the shy Geisha should pervade the atmosphere without inhabiting it. This is a space for ladies to bathe in peace and Zen harmony.

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