A Natural Approach

>>>A Natural Approach

A Natural Approach

The latest in technology has provided the home owner with a myriad of choices as regards materials with which to decorate and adorn ones home. Natural wall coverings have moved away from the hairy and unattractive cousins of wallpaper and with the introduction of synthetic provide a bold and interesting way to decorate your home. You get with these types of coverings and texture and variety that is pleasing and organic. Hemp, grasscloth cork and even tea have now found its way onto interiors. One very successful natural material is bamboo. This is particularly effective as a cheap but durable floor covering. It is one of the hardest natural materials available for flooring and comes in several different finishes which makes it a flexible alternative to wood.

Walls covered in these living fibres will be sympathetic and because they are uneven they will give a gentle atmosphere to a room. The tactile nature of the product will mean that it is not perfect but thats part of its charm. Look at the panels of sea grass from designers Guild for this effect. Other examples include Omexco Akoya grass cloth and Altfield collection or Andrew martin has a good selection of these types of wallpaper.

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