Modern living room decoration ideas

>>>Modern living room decoration ideas

Modern living room decoration ideas

A very modernist architectural take on a room is to go for hard edged industrial materials. Using concrete, steel and glass you can make a big impact but this style can be brutal and bleak. How can you produce this look then and make it appealing and comfortable to spend time in?

Our tip is to go more vintage and mix up the sleek with the quirky retro. The essence of the look is the dependence on materials to make the room look like a factory or warehouse. Typically the floor might be painted concrete or a rubber based covering. This dominatrix style can be watered down.

Use wood for the floor instead. The introduction of this natural warm surface will immediately bring life and texture into your design. If you choose wide planks that are reclaimed from an old warehouse or shop then you are very much keeping to your theme. The strong lines of the boards are sharp but the tones within will add texture.

Metals again are a common feature, in the industrial heartland. Often steel cladding is seen choose zinc instead this will develop a patina which can be lit very effectively. Cold chrome and hard black iron can be replaced by looking for copper fittings and porcelain accessories. If you find some old filing cabinets they can be sprayed a deep blue or olive green rather than keeping them their original colour.

Aim for a slight mismatch of periods, a nineteen fifties factory light on a twentieth century side table.  A traditional wood burning stove but a boiler shaped one in duck egg looking very functional but in a sweet shade of blue.

Bricks are a good source of inspiration. The white tiles of old placed in the brick pattern will be appropriate. Exposed original brick can also be warm and varied. You could choose a brick design wallpaper. Elitis have one that is navy white and silver. The blocks are severe and sharp but the look is bright and different.

Looking for a large railway clock and using other retro finds will make this look both modern and palatable. Mitigate the grey palette of industry by adding colour such as burnt orange fabric on an old iron framed chair.

All these ideas will make a home rather than an architect’s paradise.


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