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>>>Modern Kitchen Furniture

Modern Kitchen Furniture

In a minimalist contemporary kitchen furniture is very important to add another dimension to what could be a dull clinical space. Once you have chosen your sleek Italian kitchen units, the battle for style and individuality had just begun. The furniture and accessories you use to complete the room are in fact the statements that you make about your living area and your attitude to it.

Most people will want consistency of theme in the room. If you are all about cutting edge, modern why not choose a table from a Scandinavian design to complement this look. This simple design will echo the desire for modernity. But enable you to choose colour and shape as an additional element in the room without deviating from the overall theme. A white plastic circular table with bright rounded back chairs in yellow, cream and pale green will look fresh and inviting. Look at My Decor that has a number of this type of tables and chairs.
If you have gone for an island with a seating arrangement look at buying some interesting bar stools. Make sure they are adjustable as not everyone is the same height!! A good example of nice stools is the John Lewis Manhattan which comes in a pretty blue a fashionable red and a stylish black.

Take a look at the Kartel furniture range they sell interesting pieces at a reasonable price. The Dr Yes chair by Phillippe Starck is worth a look for seating in a kitchen. It is comfortable and interesting but will be practical as well.
I always think it is nice to be able to sit comfortably in a kitchen so I would make space for a small two seater sofa and an occasional chair. These two things can tie up your whole look and allow you to introduce new colours and textures to the kitchen. A bright red Cassina met sofa gives your room piquancy and warmth
In keeping with a more contemporary theme but referencing the past a small 1960s seat would fit in nicely. A Single chair to complement it can be a totally different period and style as long as you link the two in terms of material and or tone. There are a huge number of retro 1950’s and 60’s fabrics to cover these bits of furniture that you can link with funky anglepiose lights and atomic clocks. With the addition of various accessories such as blinds and pictures you can dress this space as part of your house. A kitchen should be a living room as well as a practical environment.  Make the most of the space to live well not just live.

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