Modern Curtain Design Ideas

>>>Modern Curtain Design Ideas

Modern Curtain Design Ideas

The way we live now means that we no longer want to keep the light out and dress our windows with frills and pelmets that would not be out of place in a theatre stage set. These expensive garlanded and over fussy window dressings are so dated that only Liberace’s mother could love them. Added to this they harbour dust and cost a fortune so much so that people never feel able to rid themselves of these giant gloomy dinosaurs.

The modern look is much cleaner in every respect. The curtains of today tend to be hung straight onto a pole or track and fall simply from a loose heading or an eyelet making a graceful statement. Then it is all about the fabric not how much fabric you can use and the amount of embellishment you can weigh the curtains down with. This style will mean that the pattern or colours you choose for the window speak for themselves.

An excellent system of curtain is called the wave. This will make your curtains hang perfectly straight and allow a continuous smooth simple heading at the top. This is an elegant look for the contemporary home .They reduce curtain bulk, they can be interlined and have black out lining as usual. Most fabrics will be suitable for this system but heavy materials are less sympathetic as the whole idea is to create a soft wave like appearance in the drop of the curtain.

The eyelet system is also a simpler alternative. The pole runs through the top of the curtain and the material hangs gracefully down.

In this curtain world of less is more you can afford to choose a bold vibrant pattern as there will not be acres of fabric hanging over every bit of the window. This means that the beautiful colours and designs of Designers Guild and Harlequin can be the main feature in a room without dominating it. The fabric can be used in other areas such as in cushions and bed throws to compliment the main pattern. This will be glamorous and flexible since you can vary your accessories to suit a new decor.

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