Living in the kitchen

>>>Living in the kitchen

Living in the kitchen

Very often the kitchen is the heart of the home. Everybody will gather there to eat, chat and meet to relax. It is for this reason that a lot of money is spent on this room and it is important to get the most from the design to achieve a harmonious balance between work and play.

If at all possible site the kitchen onto the garden. A set of French doors leading out to a patio or decked area will draw the outside in and add light to the inside. You may wish to use bi folding doors and fling back the whole lot to integrate the garden completely.
Flooring will unify the various areas in the room. Stretching from the threshold of the exterior and finishing at the entrance to the core of the home make it seamless by keeping the same floor throughout. Both wood and stone will serve this purpose equally. They will provide a hardwearing surface to walk on as well as be neutral enough to last a long time.

A large island can subtly divide a kitchen between cooking and living space. By treating on side as storage for utensils pans or dishes and the other for books and DVDs etc you provide a clear sense of purpose for each area.

A coffee table that is large enough to be able to fit four easy chairs around it is a good way of creating somewhere to sit and have a casual drink or even a light meal. Try not to choose chairs that look alike, keep the tone informal. A wood-burning stove in this part of the room can be a welcome source of heat in the winter and again is a living feature that will make the kitchen feel cosy. A bright rug over this seating nook will add colour and texture that can be echoed in any curtains or blinds you may choose for the other side of the room. There are no rules here. Eat, watch television, create a feast or slump in front of the fire. The choice is yours.

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