Kitchen Lighting Ideas

>>>Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When planning your kitchen it is important to remember to allow space and a budget for achieving a sense of ambience for both night and day through imaginative lighting.

First of all you will want lighting that will provide you with a clear view of your cooking area whilst preparing food. This is often high quality LEDs concealed either under the wall units or in the ceiling above as spot lights to illuminate the main areas. The lights above will be lighting the ceiling and the higher levels shelves and glass cabinets. You can choose a continuous set of small lights that will wash upwards or individual lights that will create more of an arc effect. Both are equally effective it just depends on your particular demands.

At night you may need a more subtle type of lighting arrangement. It is possible light the bottom of the units with coloured lights to add some fun. This is a subtle way of making the room lit at night when everything else is turned off but looking stylish and practical as you enter the area before you turn other lights on. It can be very effective and inviting. A main light feature should also be included. This is a good way of bringing character and personality into a practical space.
A popular look has been the hang a number of pendants over the island / cooking area. Typical of this look are the the Kartel plastic clear hanging pendants. These can be found in a variety of shades and sizes and will add flare to your kitchen. If you want something more dramatic Floss have some large sciptural lights that look stunning and are really eye catching . Try also the Vitra selection again you can be unusual and individual by choosing one of their unstructured candy floss shaped centre lights.
Lighting is a huge field and one you should not be afraid to explore. Kitchens need to be dressed properly with style and care not just a row of boring units. Look upwards towards the light see for yourself. Use lighting as another element in your kitchen design.

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