Kids Bedroom Ideas

>>>Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas

A child’s bedroom is a great place to decorate with bright colours and strong accents. Most children love animals fun and bright lights so use this to decorate a child’s bedroom and take the theme of carnival as a starting point to make an exciting but comforting place to sleep.

Firstly the circus tent will provide a stripped pattern for curtains and it blinds. To dress a window here put a pelmet which is scalloped like the edges of the tent, then let the curtain fall naturally to show off the colour in the material.

The head board could also be an opportunity to use a stripped material or even recreate the tent feature by having an awning effect over the bed itself. Paint one wall in the red of the stripe but keep the rest of the walls simple white or cream so as not to overwhelm.

All rooms need storage and plain white furniture for chests of drawers and wardrobes would be the best back cloth for adding ornaments and other circus related bits and bobs. Try to find some interesting handles that reflect the circus of lions or even the ringmaster’s moustache.

Animals are an essential part of the setting, elephants and tigers especially. A grey carpet will pick up the tones of Nelly so put a round rug on top patterned in orange and black like Tiger. Alternatively on a wooden floor use three rugs. Two grey circles for ears and an oblong one for a trunk. An animal print bean bag is useful here too.
Clowns are both amusing and scary. I would only have them in small doses in a patterned light fitting or a figure in a cushion. There is a Miro clown rug which is an abstract clown figure which looks stylish but not frightening Nightmares are not want you want!!

Look for lampshades with figures from the circus such as the strong man or a juggler you can use. Also there are some old postcards of circus folk of the past that you could reframe and put up. These are a bit more interesting and bring colour into the room through graphic design.
It would be easy to paint murals and add stickers to depict this scene but we want to be a bit cleverer than that.
It’s inspiration you are looking for not T P Barnum with a paint brush.

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