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>>>Interior Design Colour Schemes

Interior Design Colour Schemes

Lavender is a colour we think of as belonging to the ranks of elderly ladies in a country village. Don’t be put off by the whiff of soap and the cliche of lavender from provence stuffed into a million white trugs. Take a hold of the tone and move it into a contemporary setting by linking it with brighter shades and flashes of colour. Ditch the miss Marple cardi for a funked up.

As with all hues purple form which lavender is descended ranges from a deep strong nearly black shade to a very delicate hint just short of white. It is a versatile colour ranging from the imperial dark mauve to a graceful powdery dusky mauve. It will work well with plum, burgundy silver yellow and pink in splashes around the room will add grace and elegance to your scheme.

To create a living room using lavender take a Dulux chart and target Purple Plush or Little Greene clockwise to paint on two of the walls . Make sure you use wall that contain features such as windows and or mantelpieces to pick out the colour more directly against a cream or off white wood finish. The seating would look smart in a grey tweed fabric with a darker purple trim. This darker tone can be re introduced in the patterning on cushions and in a piece of glass on a shelf. Yellow is a great colour with lilac introduce this subtly, perhaps in an individual chair covered in the Designers Guild fabric Margot acacia.

Make the statement colour stronger and look at lampshades in the purple and a few cushions in a darker deeper mauve. Build on this scheme by using curtain fabric that will have a combination of the palette of grey, yellow and lavender. Or if you want to be different a Harris lilac Isle Mill material is a modern tartan.

Being imaginative is the key. Ditch the Miss Marple and aim for a Farose Lund attitude in the mystery of the purple colour scheme.

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