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House Colour Schemes

A calm gentle palette is a modern appealing look. The use of white as a major component of a design has to be thought about with care. The clean smooth look of white in a room can be bland and clinical. The fashion for any colour as long as it is white is as flexible as an arthritic fascist dictator.
Looking at white as a starting point for a space is no bad thing but we need to blend it with other elements and bring other shades to bear to create warmth and charm.
Thinking of these tones, Milk white, Chalk white and Linen white you will see that all whites are not created equal. Next to the pure white these shades will exhibit elements of stronger colours such as green (Wiltshire white) or yellow (York white). Therefore you cannot use them all together as they do not work in harmony just because they are similar. Try to pick ones that will have the same base tones in them. For example look to use those that contain blue/grey together and those that are brown/ creamy together.
A way of introducing other white tones into the room would be by looking at fabrics and accessories. The use of materials in your light white space will make a big difference to the character of the room. In a white kitchen, make a display of white porcelain bowls that are an interesting shape of are different shapes or sizes. A wooden floor that has been limed i.e. made white will still retain the grain of the wood and the lines of the plank therefore breaking the rule of the bland. Don’t be afraid to do shiny, maybe the tiles can be an iridescent splash-back for your sink and hob the chrome in the taps will echo this bling thing. Curtains too can be cleverly chosen. Introduce a woven pattern, something billowy but practical.
We love white as a beautiful gentle colour and combined like this with a range of subtle textures and harmonies you will avoid the obvious and cliched and create a lovely simple room.

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