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Entrance areas and hallways take up a dramatic place in any home. Indigo Design, interior design firm in Cambridge likes to design a space that is welcoming and interesting but that also will lead the eye right from the start into the living part of the house. It is also important to take into account the stairs and any corridors that will be leading off the hallway.

When using a paint colour that will be carried through the hall to the upstairs landing it is vital that this colour will be sympathetic to different levels of light. The hall stairs and landings are often variously lit either by lamps and or spotlights during the day natural light. These big areas are often suited to a combination of wallpaper and paint.

Designing the first impression that you receive on entering a property Indigo often likes to make a strong statement and then take the visitor into the house with a more subtle approach.

We used a clever ralph Lauren paper in a warm brown to give a sense of Edwardian period in a modern house. Although it is a relatively dark pattern it worked well with the Farrow and Ball colour an off white on the ceiling and skirting.

We also added a large white framed mirror as you entered the entrance to add depth. With a coat rack and a burgundy leather umbrella stand it looked very smart and chic.

The room is transformed. It now looks fabulous, a peaceful haven for anyone who loves beautiful spaces. A couple of splashes of Jo Malone bath oil and you will never want to get out of the bathroom.

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