Home Designing & Decorating Ideas using Peach Colour

>>>Home Designing & Decorating Ideas using Peach Colour

Home Designing & Decorating Ideas using Peach Colour

A neglected colour in the charts is peach. A beloved partner of brown this hue has been much maligned as a seventies horror especially when seen in bathroom fittings.

Yet it is a very sweet colour and can be used very effectively in several settings. In a bedroom it will be warm and sunny contrasting well with a rose white ceiling reminding the sleeper of romantic sunsets with the mix of gentle shades of orange and pink here. Linen curtains that lightly billow in the breeze that have a gold design embossed will increase the drama and uplifting nature of the tones.

Using it in a living room, contrast it with a colour such as the Dulux light truffle or the darker intense Farrow and Ball Mouse’s Back. Here the rich browns are sophisticated and good at night with subtle lighting but the peach tones give the room flare and charm. Pale peach looks good against a lime washed finished wood floor as it picks up the lighter tones of the wood and lifts it. Using the browns alone would just increase the absorbing nature of that hue. A drop of a burnt orange into this space would not go amiss but be sparing as peach is a pastel shade and like to be smoothly toned into rather than set against too strong a color. I would use orange just as a accent here and there perhaps in a mixed pattern which includes the mousse browns and a neutral. I would not go for bright cushions in big colours in this instance.

A hallway can be dramatic if you want by choosing a darker type of peach as in a coral. This will look great with a dark wood floor and if you are lucky enough to have coving a decorative features in your house these picked out in white will look amazing. A big mirror framed in gold and a dark leather umbrella stand will be smart and different.

Look again then at the Giant peach and use it once more with feeling.

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