Home decorating ideas for cinema room

>>>Home decorating ideas for cinema room

Home decorating ideas for cinema room

It used to be considered rather naff to enjoy a home cinema experience. Now these exciting rooms are being created in the houses of the most forward thinking clients. The cost of the systems varies but you can find an affordable package fairly easily.

The question then remains how to decorate make it a fun place and a family experience. Seating is a vital component of a media room. If you want to go retro and recreate Cinema chic at the height of the fifties you can find high spec reclaimed cine chairs. In a red or green crushed velvet they are comfortable and quirky. You need a lot of room for this type of seating as they are individual units. We used a seven seat row in blue velvet in a room and they looked amazing, cool and comfortable.

A modular sofa would be much more practical and allow you to have foot rests and lounging facilities an essential element of the chilled out experience. These can be found in most high street stores and even the dreaded DFS have some reasonably priced sofas. If you want high end try Minnotti. Here leather is practical for children and drink spillage, but I find them uncomfortable as you tend to slide off them and would choose a dark coloured mohair velvet that is highly durable and cleanable It’s useful to have some low seating for smaller children or extra guests. Moroccan embossed leather pouffes are interesting and glamourous addition to the viewing area.
Keep the colours in the room warm and dark. A textured wallpaper in deep purple as in the Natives collection or a crocodile skin in a burnt orange by Elitis would be suitable. Some of the Brian Yates collections of papers also work with this look very well.

Don’t put too much ornamentation in the room as it is more relaxing to be in an uncluttered space. Mirrors are to be avoided too. Curtains need to be fairly thick as the acoustic quality will be compromised by bouncing off too many flat surfaces. Linen can look good if it is fully line. Almost any plain fabric would be advisable.

Storage is an issue. Low level units and tables that have space underneath to put the various remotes are useful. Soon all the DVDs will be redundant as we will be streaming information. However most people will still have some DVDs they want to keep and keep tidy.

An usherette can be provided by placing a life size sticker figure which could be fun. All you need now is a popcorn machine to give your family the full picture show treatment.

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