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Geometric Interior Designs

Using geometric shapes in an interior design may seem a bit strange. But in fact we use them all the time. The basic square and or rectangle is used for nearly all the appliances we buy as well as the foundation shape for many items of furniture . It uses them as a pattern design in a room take a little more thought and imagination. The Moors used a lot of geometric shapes in their beautiful palaces and Mosques especially on the floors and walls using geometric tiles. The Victorians too liked the combination of triangles and squares in encaustic flooring.

In a modern kitchen you can put triangle shaped tiles as a splash back. An idea would be to make larger triangles from the individual ones to add a sense of depth. This traditional look often incorporates several colours such as blue red and yellow. Today just one light colour would suffice to create the impression of order and would not be too garish.

Textiles especially rugs can also be a source of strong pattern. These are discrete enough items to take some large examples of geometrics. Designers Guild has an interlocking hexagonal patterned rug called Giuliano or the Christian Lacroix abstract rug.

You can find lots of examples of geometric design in fabric. It can be subtly portrayed in a trellis that is the same colour as the fabric itself as seen in many linen unions. For drama and bold creativity look at Bartholomew by Andrew Martin. This is a big black pattern on a neutral background. Another colourful design is by Cassamance Cassio which is a ruby circular pattern that is bright and exciting and an asset to any room. Furniture too can be made by injecting a bit of mathematical flare to the concept.

Mestizodizenio is a line of furniture from young Argentinian designer Leonardo Puppo. In this collection is a side table called Socorro which is itself an interesting shape but has an engraved geometric drawing in the top. It is unusual clever and practical. Shelves that have been created from three dimensional triangles built on top of one another can be a funky interesting addition to a child’s bedroom. These shapes have been around for a long time and are still a good source of inspiration for the canny designer.

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