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Italian style is an eclectic mix of modern and outlandish humour. A designer who is still popular and whose designs are used in various mediums is Fornasetti. Fornasetti combines the clean lines of modernism with the quirk of surrealist imagination.

The wallpaper company Cole and Sons have used the images of faces that adorned plates as an interesting figurative wall covering. It comes in various colours and patterns. As it is such a bold design it needs to be used in a small space such as a downstairs toilet or a feature wall in a hallway.

The images are also used on furniture, notably on small occasional tables typically round ones with tripod legs. The tops of these elegant tables are embossed with the intriguing images so recognisable of Fornasetti. You can buy these new or they are collectable and classified as antiques. There are tables with images of the sun king , Louis X1V , fish swimming , medals and just marbled.

The plates can be used to decorate a plain wall. They are eye catching making a statement in a subtle way. This look is best seen in the context of other elements in the room. By just putting a touch here and there in your plan for the room you will give the space heart, wit and style all in one go.

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