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Dining Table Selection

A table is the most sociable of pieces of furniture. In our modern kitchens it has been replaced by an island but essentially these are acting the same role in the home as the traditional family table as the whole family often congregate at this part of the home. Perched on bar stools or simply hanging out you can eat and chat.

Sometimes though there is a need for a more structured form of eating and for this a larger dining table will be the only choice. This does not have to be sighted in another room as we saw in the past in the traditional dining room replete with crystal glasses and hostess trolley.

Using a modern perspective, look for designs that are simple but made from interesting materials. Some of these tables are really like a piece of sculpture and will command art work prices. An example of this kind of table would be “Surface” by Terence Woodgate and John Bernard for Established and Sons with a starting at £ 36,000. I doubt you would be able to afford to eat ever again if you indulged in a table of that ilk. However it is worth looking at as the design is beautiful and the concept brought into a more modest price range. This sleek style with plain top and thin legs can be found In the John Lewis retro range at a fraction of the cost. Another trendy look is the trestle table.

The Compass table with a laminate top is modern practical and will work in most settings. As it is it will grace any kitchen for everyday use but covered with a tablecloth and pretty linen it will also double up at a more formal event. A circular table is often considered more conversational particularly as you have a chance to chat with people at every point of the table.
The shape is nice to introduce into a kitchen in particular as there are often so many square shapes in the kitchen appliances and cupboards.

Ok do a wood round table which has fold down leaves should you wish to move it. Another popular look is a round glass table with chrome legs used often in modern flats. The most pleasing of the round tables often will have a stone top and wrought iron legs. The Heveningham Collection showcase a Norsebury base with a Limestone top which is perfect for a dining conservatory room.

Eating together is the most enjoyable experience; make sure you can bring home the bacon onto a timeless table.
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