Dining Room Design Ideas

>>>Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining Room Design Ideas

Indigo Design, interior design firm in Cambridge was asked to create a formal dining room for a lovely traditional house in Cambridge. The clients loved entertaining and wanted a warm and inviting experience in the room.

The decor was always going to traditional as they had some lovely antique furniture and crystal and silverware which would be used in the room.

Colours are always a good starting point for a project like this. The creative impulse for this room was through a grey colour. We wanted to use this rather modern shade to update the decor. We had some bespoke moulding made in the style of the house to add some interest and contrast with the oak panelling of the double doors.

The simple grey was made chalky and gentle with the addition of some beautiful wall lights and a dramatic modern glass chandelier. At night these lights cast a very subtle warm glow over the walls.

The curtains are a modern floral design hung in clean way, but the colour fuchsia brings life and drama to the room which was picked up by the client in her choice of candles and flowers.

We added more texture by having the dining chairs recovered in plush but hardwearing velvet.

The whole effect is stunning, a formal dining room but with a bright modern feel.

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